I have been thinking a lot about a couple of things. First, you are here for a purpose. You’re here for a purpose in life. You’re here for a purpose on this earth.  You’re here for a purpose on whatever platform you have chosen to deliver your goods or services.

I suggest that you do what you think is best. Yes, it is valuable to get input from others who have traveled a similar road. But the road that you are on now is uniquely you. Yes there is comfort in community. But, no one else can travel that road for you or do so in your shoes.

This road is your own journey. Your own creation. Learn  from your heart, what is best to do for yourself. Keep focused on the reasons for your current journey. And stay the course.

Do not try to be like everyone else. Stop trying to emulate Juupsy guru, Nimpsy  project system on the epicfabtaculous platform. Your mindset is “the system” that will carry you.

You cannot rely on anyone else to be imaginative for you or to be creative for you. You alone have that honour and mandate. You hold the office of yourself. You are fully qualified to be you.

Everyone else has their journey.  A wise person once said, “Do not wish for another person’s success, you may not like the trip.”  Give yourself a break from trying to do what others do, to try to accomplish what they appear to have. My humble suggestion is for you to look into your heart. In your heart you know what you want. You many not think you know. That is my point. We are not speaking of mind knowledge or human thinking. We are referring to heart knowledge.  In your heart,  you do know what you are to become and to create.

You may have been trying to describe your vision with other people’s words and their life journey. Step back, look at your life. Look at the ways that people have come to you and sought out your help, and you will find your vision. You many not be able to encapsulate it in some catchy phrase or impressive title but you will know, that you know, what you are here to do.

Set a plan in motion on how to realize (create) what you want to accomplish. Subscribe to your own system. Be your own guru now.

That brings me to the second topic that I have been thinking on. That topic is, Do what you want to do and do it now. Tomorrow is yesterday’s today (mind bending idea but, I know you know what I mean 😊 ) Peace.