Keep on doing good, by that I mean doing things with integrity. That is the real legacy.

Do things that are right, true, excellent and praiseworthy. You know what I mean.

Making a quick buck at whatever the costs to your integrity is not the way to go.

If you choose that quick path. You may see short-term success but in the long run down the road the long term cost (to your reputation, trust-factor) may be too high.

But rather, I suggest, choose the ethical, integral path. It may be slower, but no matter as long as you are moving forward.

Yes, I agree you don’t need a lecture on this topic. If you are reading this, you already know what is in your heart that is good.

Let me leave you with one piece of food for thought. As long as at the end of your day, in what ever you do in life, you can rest knowing that you have done well. Knowing that your conscience is clear. Then you have peace.

Furthermore, if at the end of your life the legacy that you leave is one of living with integrity, honesty and high values, in my book, you would have lived well supremely.