Good news! Forgiveness is a gift that each of us has to give to the world.

Forgiveness brings out the joy in you.

When I say “forgiveness,” Whoever it is that comes to your mind when you hear the term forgiveness, whether you think you have forgiven them or not, is where there is still some unfinished business in your soul in that part. There may have been partial forgiveness extended, but there is still more left to release.

Grab a hold of this opportunity to let go the trauma.

I know that a lot has been written and said about forgiveness, and so it should be. It is a critical aspect of our overall personal well-being. Unforgiveness is like sunglasses on our soul, it filters out some of the needed life-giving light  in us.

Even as you read this you may be thinking it is not possible to forgive that person. They are no longer with us, or distance and time has separated you from the person(s). The good news is that it is never too late!

You have been created to forgive and to receive forgiveness. In fact, it is quite natural for your soul to want to release situations or pain and sorrow and to let them go from your heart. That is why when we hold in what needs to be released, there is a feeling of incompleteness. There is a place in us that feels un-fulfilled when we don’t forgive.

My tips for doing the work of forgiveness are as follows:

1) Picture the person(s) in a beautiful beam of light.

2) Breathe

3) See the light enveloping them in a beautiful color – whatever color that feels natural for you

4) Extend the light out to meet you

5) Step into that light with the person(s) (know that it is safe, this place is a safe place, no harm can come to you here, you are in control)

6) Send your heart energy towards the person(s) in the light

7) Release them 100 percent

8) Say to yourself that you release them 100 percent. You are free 100 %. The person(s) is free 100 %.

9) Release them completely. Extend grace to them 100 %

10) Step out of the light

11) Let the person(s) go in love. Feel the weight leave you as you release them completely.

Forgiveness is for you. For you to live whole and spread your loving kindness to the world. And no you are not being too “soft” when you forgive. You are being courageous and wise. You are the keeper of your soul. Guard it well in love. Your ability to forgive is your gift to the beauty of humanity in all of us.

Shine like the stars.

Many blessings, live in freedom


In Christ,