Make a decision. Personal internal strength comes in part, from making decisions. Allow me to relate a story.

My phone has been on the poof, for a while. Its wifi connection had stopped working properly.
Therefore, I ordered another phone last week. A couple of days ago, I went to pick up the phone. For, it had finally arrived at the kiosk store from which I had purchased it.

When I arrived, there were two people ahead of me. A lovely lady was waiting in line, and now ahead of me. And a gentleman who was currently being served by the Manager in charge of the kiosk store.

Well, let me tell you – the gentleman who was currently being served took forever. He asked every conceivable question about every icon, chip, app, feature and service on that phone. We were there for an hour, literally!

While I was waiting there in line, I started to chat with the lady who was ahead of me. I discovered that she was actually first in line! She gave up her space to the gentleman now being served because she could not decide if she wanted the phone she had already ordered.

As time passed, all three of us (the manager, the gentleman currently being served and I), tried to help her with her questions but it did not help.

Finally, it was her turn. It took all of five minutes for her to speak to the Manager. She was still undeceived. She left without her phone, promising to wait for her son to get back from his vacation to accompany her back to the store kiosk to help her with her decision!

Do not give up your place in the line in life or be emotionally stumped by indecision. It may have been an hour, a week, a month, a year even years. But it is time to break free. It is time to make a decision and go forward in what you want to do. Indecision does not perfect a plan. Decision does.

For, when you make a decision no matter how “imperfect” it may seem to you. You have, by your decision to act, signaled something in the universe to start to help you shape that decision, as you go.

If major software companies, I am sure you can think of one, waited for the perfect version of their operating system, we would have nothing today. Instead, they release it, re-release it, push out upgrades, fixes and patches. If million-dollar companies engage this decision-making strategy successfully. Then there must be something to it. Quite simply…It works!

So, throw something out there, don’t wait for it to be perfect. Take a chance. Adapt it as you go. See how freer you feel in your heart as you break loose of the chains of indecision.

Decide today. You can do it. You have the wisdom, knowledge and experience to do this. Go for it.
All the best. Cheers.