If your goals seem lack luster today. That is, they have lost their oomph. Add some desire to them.

Your goal is the new path that you wish to go.

“Write them down and add to your words ideas and images that will impart to your mind the burning desire you have to accomplish them.” This is a paraphrase of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Hill suggests that if we are to act upon our goals then, they need to have an unstoppable force behind them.

That force is within you and I. It cannot be bottled or measured out, experimented upon or picked apart. That force is desire.  The desire that allows the mind to believe that the thing we want is already here. We can, as it were, access it with all of our senses.


  • If your goals need a renewed vigour
  • Write or Revise it
  • Add to the written words something that conveys your desire.
    • For example:
  • Find photos that influence your desire towards your goal.
  • Pictures are helpful reminders and, they can convey a snapshot of reality to the mind.

These few ideas may help bring back the spark to your goal and perhaps brighten your day in the process

Happy goal-setting.





If you need an inspirational video, watch the one below.