Keep on moving forward toward that prize. One small goal at a time.

Start by addressing the prize that is immediately in front of you.

Don’t think about the big overall plans way down the road ahead of you just yet.

Focus instead, I suggest, on the goal that is right in front. Your immediate needs and desires that fulfill your present circumstance. Focus on the goal that is right in the front of your mind, in the forefront of your thoughts.

It might be just what you need to feel more “at ease.” And, give you a chance to check something off your mental to do list.

So press forward to that goal and let the other big future goals take their own shape. By that I mean, when it is time to address those goals you would have freed up your mind and your circumstances to address these other goals with a fresh perspective.

A new outlook perhaps is just what you may need. Or, at the very least if you keep working on the most immediate goal, you free yourself up to tackle the goals you have planned further down the road.

Stepping over goals and trying to reach for others while I neglect the pressing present matters, gives me a feeling of being overwhelmed.

I find if I deal with the immediate goals, the prize right in the forefront of my thinking, I live with more ease from within.

That is my encouragement for you today. Press forward towards the prize, that is, address the immediate needs of your life today. And, live with ease.